Karthik's 2020 Hero is Mahesh Subramanian, his friend

Karthik says: "I nominate Mahesh Subramanian as my #reallifehero of this year. Mahesh, along with family and friends, has made a huge difference by extending selfless help to several poor and needy people. He has helped people who have been affected by natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, helped differently-abled people, and helped several needy students with funds, laptops and made sure they continued their education. Mahesh is also a wedding photographer like me. He puts in the effort to make the funds available to the right people. Over the last decade, he must have touched thousands of lives. It is difficult to count the number of lives he has touched. He is a person who lives happily and makes sure he shares and keeps people around him happy, just like he happily shares this glass of tea with me. While he is a professional wedding photographer running his brand 'oruphoto', he is also a passionate traveller, biker and birdwatcher. Don't miss his two minutes tales to learn about the flora and fauna around you.