Manoj's 2020 Hero is Shivangi Mishra, his daughter

Manoj says: "My daughter Shivangi Mishra has been working as a Head Psychologist in Manastha and has diligently contributed by providing a helping hand to all those who were facing mental health concerns during this pandemic. She provided online counselling services to people from various places across the globe. She was invited as a guest speaker in IIT Kharagpur to address the bright minds on 'Student Depression and Coping Strategies' during the pandemic. As a member of the core team of Manastha, she also conducted employment interviews to offer jobs to all the budding psychologists and people who are willing to work and grow in life become more resilient to their stress. She hosted various programs to increase awareness about mental health by reaching out to masses via online methods. Her vision is to help others grow in all dimensions of life. I am glad to see her consistency and dedication throughout this year, and thus, I consider her my hero.