Shubham's 2020 Hero is his pet Parrot, Mitthu

Shubham says: "The photograph is of a parrot called Mitthu, who hardly speaks. He just shouts and pronounces Mitthu, but he is the one who made our 2020 special. He entertained us, lived with us and made us fall in love with him by doing various activities like giving a kiss, climbing the curtains, eating in our plate, and being punctual enough to climb down from the curtains exactly at tea-time. He was the one who entered our lives during the lockdown and left us on 23rd December, 2020. It was all in an accident. We felt very bad about him, but we have to move on. In any case, time heals everything. Mitthu may have gone somewhere pre-decided by God, but he gave us a lot of memories and a lot of beautiful clicks in which we captured and photographed our moments.