Soumyabrata's 2020 Hero is Ashish

Soumyabrata says: "The face of a Mother during COVID: Ashish (6) is suffering from cerebral palsy. With concerned eyes, his mother pays close attention to what experts say about safety from the coronavirus during the 'Distribution of Disability Aids' function at Tehatta, West Bengal, India on September 29, 2020. Across all age groups, COVID-19 patients with developmental disorders (e.g. developmental disorders of speech and language, scholastic skills, and central auditory processing disorders) had the highest odds of dying from COVID-19. For example, hand-washing is a mandatory precaution, but PWDs face serious limitations while following this practice frequently. Besides, there is a lack of public toilets for them. Most of the PWDs are largely dependent on their family or relatives. Many caregivers may be reluctant to provide their services to them due to COVID-19 being highly contagious. Persons with intellectual impairment cannot be expected to practice or cope with self-isolation."