Shiny's 2020 Hero is Mr.J.Isaac Madan, her husband

Shiny says: "I nominate my husband, Mr. J. Isaac Madan for #myhero2020. It's not just because he is the hero of my life, it's also because he has been a part of many other lives and has helped change them for good. I admire his noble qualities and the way he helps others through his trust 'Thaianbu'. The word thaianbu is not only the name of his trust, but is also a quality he exhibits to those who need it the most. He had huge plans of doing service in 2020, but all didn't go as planned because of the pandemic. However, the pandemic couldn't stop him from being who he is. He helped some doctors with N95 masks and safety equipment when they badly needed it. He helped the police department with masks and sanitizers. He helped the physically challenged with provisions when they could not go to work and earn. He also ensured he followed the SOP of COVID because at the end of the day, he has a family to protect back home and be our HERO.