Arya's 2020 Hero is Momma Cat, her cat

Arya says: "She hasn't been named yet, but let's go with 'Momma Cat'? Last month, she gave birth to 3 gorgeous kittens, out of which one fell sick and had to be separated from the other two. She'd still spend time going over to the sick one to feed him and would come back to be with the other two, until the sick kitten unfortunately passed away. His siblings, strong and healthy, grew up a bit more under her care until they were attacked by a dog one night. The dog killed one of the two kittens. It was a very disturbing and devastating scenario to wake up to. I guess poor Momma couldn't save both her kittens. She now spends all her time around the remaining kitten, waking up to the slightest of sounds and checking around. The neighborhood is thankfully very cat-friendly, respects Momma's boundaries, and feeds the small family every now and then. The kitten has everyone's heart as she goes around playing and being the little furball that she is. Momma is my hero because she showed us that you don't have to be big and strong to be fierce.