Siva Priya's 2020 Hero is her sister

Siva Priya says: "My heroine - This pandemic shuffled many of our lives; some of us went through difficult times and some of us were left with unforgettable memories. The one who I’m going to talk about is also the one who went through lot of challenges, and is my sister. This pandemic period actually created a lovely and a strong bond between us. Now, because all employees work from home, she also is working from home. She overcame a lot of hazards and threats such as job security and allowance reduction. She still didn’t lose hope and continued giving her best. As an elder daughter, she had to look after the family and also her professional life. She handled it well and is now an expert in work-life balance. I started seeing her like a brave soldier in our boundaries. My once hated sister is now my role model. She is my inspiration and I admire her. I am so privileged for getting this opportunity to talk about my 'role model'.