Asmitha's 2020 Hero is her sister

Asmitha says: "So here is my whole 2020 pandemic period summed up in one single picture. Whether it is the amazing blue sky which had never seemed more colourful, with the clouds changing their shape everyday like never before which was a delight to the eyes, or my beautiful sister who was just my sister before the lockdown but now is my actual, honest and most amazing best friend I could ever ask for. She is my hero because I don't think anyone in this world can the most boring day into a bright colourful day filled with laughter, joy and drama. She is truly blessed with the ability to brighten up dull situations which is a quality for which I look up to her and which I wish to have. I also acknowledge the FACE MASK which made its way into the limelight by playing a really important role in protecting us from the virus. So, while I thought 2020 was my year to achieve more things in life, it taught me how valuable the things I am already blessed with are.