Photo Essays

Mentoring Migrant Children in Bengaluru
Sub-Inspector Shanthappa Jademmanavar - Policeman turned part time teacher
Almaas Masood
Flying Stranded Citizens Home
Captain Titli Thind's Vande Bharat Mission
Alisha Vasudev
Music as medicine: The Ehsaas Band in Ahmedabad
Keeping COVID ward patients' spirits up with music
Aneri Nihalani
Iramwui Hero: Our Village's Hero
The efforts of the inhabitants of Marou - a small village of 80 families in Ukhrul District, Manipur
Chingrimi A. Shimray
In Times of Crisis, Newspapers are there for You
How Mrs. Priyolyne Marbole kept the locals informed by selling Khasi newspapers.
Deepti Asthana
Building Awareness through Mobile Libraries
A group of young girls volunteer to create a space for education and interaction in the villages of Malkangiri, Odisha
Jayanti Buruda
Preserving the Forest: Heroes of Bannerghatta National Park
Small platoon of men and women called ‘Forest Watchers’ working on the ground for the Forest Department.
Jyothy Karat
Creative Arts Therapies for Children with Special Needs
Virtual interventions by A Brush With Art (ABWA) an art program designed for children with special needs.
Madhumitha Rangarajan
Dial Nano for Emergency
Ganesh Bhatt at your service in the hour of need
Mansi Thapliyal
Their Last Journeys: Ambulance driver Jameel Ahmed in Srinagar
The spectacular work and story of Jameel Ahmad Khan
Masrat Zahra
Inspiring a Community's Children with its Folk Music Traditions
Nihal Khan's efforts at keeping the Merasi folk music alive after school shutdown in Rajasthan
Neetole Mitra
Against The Tide: First Responder Azam Khan In Hyderabad
Hyderabad’s Azam Khan waded in as a first responder during the flood and his social work continues
Nishat Fatima
Liberation during the Pandemic
Ridim, a transperson lost his job during the pandemic and happily sells flowers to sustain.
Paromita Chatterjee
Dignified Burials for COVID deceased in Kashmir
Sajad Ahmad Khan helped deal with the mindsets regarding the stigma around Covid-19 deceased.
Pratishtha Chhetri
Providing Emergency Relief: Khalsa Aid
Asia-Pacific director of Khalsa Aid provides humanitarian aid in New Delhi.
Sahiba Chawdhary
10 Year Old Volunteer Working Towards Animal Rescue and Care
Simhastitha Singh from Bengaluru raised funds for Samabhava, a non profit, through her self-directed YouTube videos.
Samyukta Lakshmi
Silent Warrior Fighting Gender-based Violence in Delhi
Rishi Kant works to combat organised trafficking and honor killing of girls.
Smita Sharma
The Marvel-ous Kid Taking Charge
Nine-year-old Jibran Ahmed, the only boy in a large joint family took over household chores to support his parents
Tehreem Fatima
Eka - A collective safe space for women and children
A non-profit association building financial independence for women across Central India.
Vamika Jain
Migration, Hope and Resilience
Sarita's move from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi is marked by her strength to survive during the pandemic.
Vedika Kruti